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5 raisons de pratiquer le yoga pour les employés de bureau

 Yoga has become synonymous with corporate wellness programmes; it seems that just about every major office in the world is investing in group classes taught by qualified instructors. But if you’re still wondering what yoga has to offer office workers, here are five of its major benefits: 1. Reduced stress Employee stress is one of the biggest threats to success, which is why organisations all over the world take careful steps to mitigate it. Yoga has been on the spotlight for quite some time as one of those effective measures against stress. Perhaps it has to do with acceptance, which our post on 'Mindfulness in meditation and in everyday life' highlights as fundamental to mindfulness. Instead of succumbing to stress, modern...

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La pleine conscience en méditation et au quotidien

Introduction to mindfulness Before giving you an action plan to live mindfulness through meditation or in everyday life, it may be wise to define what mindfulness is, right?Mindfulness consists in being present at the experience of the moment when we are living without a filter, that is, accepting what is coming. Moreover, mindfulness is independent of any judgment. In other words, we are not trying to know whether it is right or wrong, desirable or not, because there is no value or morality in it. Moreover, there is no waiting, we do not want anything specific to happen or happen. It's just happening.This last sentence makes it possible to remove a doubt about the reader's expectations, mindfulness is not the...

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7min pour comprendre le yoga Vinyasa [GUIDE 2019]

The term "Vinyasa" is defined as "movement synchronized with breathing" but what is "Vinyasa Yoga" in practice? Can you practice it and for what results? At Forevernoon, we have noticed the growing interest in this form of yoga and will answer you in the most complete way. SUMMARYWhat is Vinyasa Yoga?The benefits of Vinyasa flow yoga?3 tips to start Vinyasa YogaBreathing during yoga (Ujjayi)   What is yoga Vinyasa ? What is Vinyasa Yoga? A physical and spiritual practice A dynamic sequence of asanas A yoga inseparable from a good breath (Ujjayi)   Vinyasa yoga is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development. It is a dynamic sequence of yoga postures (asana) unique in the yogasana approach.By integrating the functions...

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